Based on the Association for Talent Development’s 2016 Report, the average training cost per employee is $1,252! 😲

We all know that training is a necessary part for employees to constantly grow and develop their skills, hence you should find a solution for your trainings that allows you to SAVE costs but still remains effective for your learners. A Learning Management System (LMS) like LOOP will be able to do the job!

It is true that a LMS is a significant investment, but when you consider how implementing an LMS will cut costs in other areas, the long-term savings are substantial, the benefits of implementing definitely outweigh the cost of investment AND the good thing is, LOOP only requires a small investment cost! Find out what and how much you will be able to save with LOOP here.

On top of that, LOOP helps to reduce time spent on training and boost productivity too! With a short learning curve, learners will be able to maximize their learning in just a short period of time. The flexibility of LOOP allowing them to access your courses easily from any internet connected devices, increases their participation in learning!


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