Learning Experience Design - 3 Days

Course Synopsis

Learning Experience Design

What is the Learning Experience Design course about?

To understand what makes an effective Learning Experience Design course, we must ask ourselves these following questions:

  1. What are the characteristics distinguish highly effective learning experiences?
  2. How can we make learning experiences Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivating (the three Ms)?
  3. What steps can we take to reach the fourth M? Making it Measurable?
The course will break down and expand on all these questions, allowing detailed insights to be gained. You will see your ideas come to life via using our authoring tools. 

Prepare to gain a better understanding of how to create effective courses!

Who should attend the Course?

Professionals who have created eLearning content using Articulate Storyline, LMS, or other digital learning tools.

Such as training managers, instructional designers, trainers, product managers, marketing and communication professionals, and lecturers or tutors are among those who fall into this category. 

As well as those who want to improve their learning design skills, allowing them to create more effective learning experiences.

What will take place during the Learning Experience Design course?

It’s a three-day exploration workshop where you will learn the key principles behind designing a robust learning experience. It will cover topics such as: 

“What Makes Good Learning Experiences?”, “Key Instructional Strategies”, 

as well as several evaluation frameworks.

Professional considering Learning experience design

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