Catering to Diverse IT Needs

As the IT landscape continually evolves, driven by advancements in “ABCD” technologies namely AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics, the challenge of navigating this digital transformation is felt across all sectors.

ACP, with its rich history since 1997, from the era of 28.8kbps modems to today’s fibre optic speeds, is adept at providing top-tier manpower services to companies and schools amidst this shift. Our expertise spans a broad range of IT domains, including application development, data warehousing, cyber security, and IT infrastructure.

We offer specialized IT outsourcing and consulting services tailored to your unique business requirements.

Our proficiency encompasses a wide array of IT domains, including but not limited to application development, data warehousing, cyber security, and IT infrastructure.

At ACP, we specialize in offering bespoke IT outsourcing and consulting services, meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs of your business.

ACP’s manpower services are categorized into specialized areas, ensuring targeted and effective support for every IT requirement:

      1. ICT Support for Schools: Tailored technology support to enhance educational
      2. ICT Support for Enterprises: Robust and reliable IT solutions for businesses of all
      3. Managed Staffing Provision: Comprehensive staffing solutions to meet your specific IT manpower needs.
      4. Tech Talent as a Service: Flexible, on-demand access to top-tier tech talent, ready to drive your projects forward.

At ACP, we are committed to bridging the gap between technological advancements and practical IT solutions, ensuring that your organization stays ahead in this ever-changing digital world.

ICT Support for Schools – Enhancing Educational Experiences

Since the 1st ICT MasterPlan launched in 1997, ACP has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge ICT support to Singapore’s educational institutions. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in technology, educational innovations, and adherence to MOE guidelines has established us as a leader in the EduTech sector.

At ACP, we recognize the pivotal role of technology in shaping the educational landscape. We believe that integrating advanced ICT support into educational pedagogies is crucial for nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Our services are designed to seamlessly align with and enhance the execution of the EdTech Masterplan 2030, empowering schools and educators to focus on delivering exceptional educational experiences.

As Singapore’s premier EduTech provider, our team comprises over 60 dedicated ICT Trainers, ICT Executives, Multimedia Educators, and ICT Advocates, all stationed in schools to provide unparalleled ICT support. We are committed to the continuous professional development of our staff, ensuring they are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. Our team enjoys regular engagement activities, including quarterly gatherings, health screenings, and wellness programs, fostering a vibrant and supportive work environment.

We understand the importance of feedback and continuous improvement. To ensure we meet and exceed your expectations, we conduct regular check-ins and bi-annual appraisal surveys, gathering insights to refine our services continually.

Our goal at ACP is to establish a robust partnership with your institution, acting as a catalyst in elevating ICT services and standards. We are dedicated to providing a quality service standard that not only meets but exceeds your needs, laying the foundation for a strong, enduring relationship that drives educational excellence.

Together, let’s harness the power of technology to create enriching, future-ready educational experiences.

ICT Support (Enterprise) – Optimised your business

In the dynamic realm of today’s business world, organizations across Singapore, from emerging startups to established multinational corporations, stand to gain immensely from ACP’s comprehensive and fully managed IT support services. Since 1997, ACP has been a pioneer in the IT sector, evolving alongside the rapid technological advancements to provide unparalleled support.

The allure of an in-house IT department is understandable, yet it may not always align with the strategic needs of every business. The essence of success in the competitive market lies in honing your core competencies – those unique strengths that differentiate your business. Managing IT internally often requires substantial resources, both financially and in terms of staff time and energy, which could be more effectively utilized in areas central to your business growth.

Partnering with ACP for your IT requirements allows you to redirect your valuable resources towards your primary business goals. We are dedicated to fostering the growth and enhancement of your core operations, propelling your business to new heights. Our suite of managed IT support services is meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs of your enterprise in Singapore.

Our service model is designed to streamline your IT management, offering a single point of contact for all your IT needs. This approach not only ensures cost-effective solutions but also provides a comprehensive, integrated package of IT support and services. With ACP, you gain a partner who understands the complexities of the IT landscape and is committed to delivering solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall business success.

Embrace the future of business with ACP – where innovative IT solutions meet enterprise excellence.

Managed Staffing Provision – Revolutionizing your staffing solutions

At ACP, we redefine staffing solutions with a unique and flexible approach, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our Managed Staffing Provision model is designed to seamlessly integrate our skilled Tech Talents into your organization, while they continue to be part of the ACP family. This innovative arrangement offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you the option to transition these professionals into direct employees at any point during or after their contract term.

This strategic model empowers you to thoroughly evaluate the Tech Talents’ performance, adaptability, and compatibility with your specific business methodologies, processes, and culture. It ensures that you make well-informed hiring decisions, selecting individuals who are not only skilled but also perfectly attuned to your organizational environment.

Capitalizing on our extensive understanding of various Asian countries and cultures, ACP has curated a rich database of local talent, encompassing a wide range of skill sets and expertise. Our robust network across Asia is a reflection of our commitment and capability to cater to the diverse and dynamic needs of our clients in this region.

With ACP’s Managed Staffing Provision, you gain access to a pool of exceptional Tech Talents, combined with the flexibility and insight needed to build a workforce that is both skilled and culturally aligned with your organization’s values and objectives.

Let us partner with you to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition and management, ensuring your organization is equipped with the right people to drive success in today’s competitive landscape.

Tech Talent As A Service – Global Expertise for Your IT Needs

At ACP, our mission is to maximize the impact of your technology investments through our global talent solutions. We offer a diverse pool of highly skilled and motivated technical professionals, ready to integrate seamlessly into your team for project-based assignments, particularly for roles based overseas. Our experts span the full spectrum of emerging IT fields, ensuring that we can meet any technological challenge your business may face.

As specialists in the IT sector, we understand the critical importance of technology in driving your business forward. Our consultants are not just seasoned experts in various IT disciplines; they are also adept at grasping the subtle intricacies of different industries. This dual expertise allows them to adapt swiftly to new environments and challenges, ensuring they can deliver solutions that are not only technically sound but also aligned with your specific business context.

Our collaborative approach is central to our service ethos. We work closely with you to understand the unique requirements of each role, ensuring that we provide talent that is not only technically proficient but also a perfect fit for your project’s specific needs. Whether you require expertise for short-term projects or need specialized skills for longer-term initiatives, our global talent pool is equipped to meet your demands.

With ACP, you gain more than just IT expertise; you gain a partner committed to ensuring that every technological investment you make is optimized for success, no matter where in the world your projects are located. Let us help you navigate the complexities of global IT projects with confidence and ease.

Our services encompassed

1. Existing databases
2. Employee Referrals
3. World-class Job Sites
4. Partners networks
5. Job Postings
6. Walk-in Interviews

1. Dependent on customer-specific requirements
2. Detailed CVs reviewed
3. Preliminary Interview
4. Active Candidate Database Management
5. Reference/Background Checks

1. Detailed Reviewed of customer specifications
2. Comparison against scoring chart
3. Detailed interview
4. Preformatted into standardised CV

1. Interview preparation
2. Technical Challenges
3. Follow-up actions with clients

1. Permit application
2. Orientation
3. 1st day/week/month consultation

1. Compliments & Complaints
2. Grievances
3. Monthly engagement
4. Compliance engagement
5. Festival engagement


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