ACP Family Programme

Our Company staff riding a bike in a group photo

Welcome to the ACP Family!


Over here in ACP Family, we see our employees as our teammates, and as our greatest assets. This means that no matter what your needs are, our robust company guidelines together with the corresponding company policies are in place to address your professional and personal needs.


At ACP, you are more than just an employee – you are a unique individual. Therefore, we aim to provide a platform where you have the flexibility to develop and learn on your terms.


What do our employees think about our ACP Family?


“ACP is very helpful as they conduct workshops for us and send us to external courses to help expand our knowledge and improve our work. As an ICT Advocator, I need to keep up with technology by brushing up my skills on tools I’m unfamiliar with. ACP conducts workshops such as PHP programming to help me understand the structure of different websites better. Thus, by using the skills and knowledge obtained from such workshops, I can work more efficiently, and better assist my colleagues.”

Wei Ping | ICT Advocator

“ACP has allowed me to make the best of my abilities. It does so by providing and conducting workshops, sending us to external courses to help us improve our existing skills, and by instilling new skills in us so that we can provide better service and support. 

ACP has also been great in responding quickly and clarifying my doubts, so I need not worry about anything unnecessarily. As a result, having such a great company backing me up, especially during these tough times is a blessing and I am thankful that I am a part of them! 

Thank you, ACP!”

Nabilah | ICT Advocator

“I just like to share that ACP values their employees as individuals, and will do everything they can to help each person reach their individual goals. It all starts with the management with their positivity and willingness for growth.”

Joon Kiat | ICT Support

“Working in ACP has been a good learning experience because ACP provides adequate support whenever I have enquires! And the response time is always quick. Furthermore, the company would often touch base regularly with the staff to care for their wellbeing, and to keep them connected. For instance, workshops are held regularly to better equip us with up-to-date knowledge in technology, and opportunities are also provided to explore other roles and job scopes in the company.”

Miaow Guan | ICT Advocator

How can I grow in the ACP Family?

Professional Development 

ACP is always striving towards growth and progress for our teammates. Being in the Edtech industry, constant learning and professional development are in our Company’s DNA. ACP holds the technical expertise in the repository of online training that we provide. Moreover, we also collaborate with the Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs). This allows us to provide specially curated courses and training with well-defined learning plans and lesson outcomes.

Examination Leaves 

As part of Professional Development, we understand the grueling work some of our teammates put through in their night classes. Therefore, ACP wants to do its part in encouraging and ensuring the smooth completion of their academic courses. This will be done by providing our teammates with paid Examination Leaves. As a result, our teammates do not have to utilize Annual Leaves for their examinations. 

How are staff members recognised in the ACP family? 


Long Service Awards

Teammates who have worked with the company continuously for 5 years or more will receive Long Service Awards. This is part of the company’s effort to promote loyalty among employees. The recognitions will be consistently given every 5 years to demonstrate the company’s sincerity in retaining our team members.  

Time Off-In-Lieu (TOIL)

At ACP, we are aware of the extra time, energy, and effort it takes for our teammates to complete a task on time. Under those circumstances, we offer the option for our teammates to claim Time-Off-On-Lieu (TOIL) for work done outside of the normal office hours on a one-to-one basis. This helps to ensure that we recognise and reward our teammates for a job well done!

How are employees cared for and looked out for in the ACP family?

Flexi-Work Schemes 

We understand that you may have a life and commitments outside of work that demands your attention. Because of this, our ACP Family offers the Flexi-work scheme. By offering this, we allow you to have the flexibility to work at a different start time and/or duration.


Emergency Loan 

We understand the unpredictability that life throws at us, such that we find ourselves requiring an urgent amount of cash. Henceforth, at ACP, we provide our teammates with a short-term, interest-free, emergency loan to help tide them through difficult times. You can expect to be well taken care of in all aspects of your working and personal life in our ACP family.


Medical Claim  

At ACP, we ensure that you will be well-covered in the event of a Medical Leave. This will be done through the Medical Claims that can be made. Therefore, this will enable you to concentrate on what is most critical – Recovery!


Transport Allowances  

We recognise that some of us have to travel long distances for work. To provide additional encouragement, and to affirm the positive contributions made, ACP provides a monthly transport allowance to eligible teammates.



Teammates with a newborn will receive a hamper along with a congratulatory message! At ACP, we also understand that the first few months after a newborn may be the toughest to adapt to. Hence, we will look into any possible flexible working arrangement. This will ensure our teammate is able to juggle between caring for their newborn and transitioning back to work.

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