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What is Powtoon?

It is a presentation tool designed for teams, businesses, and academic institutions. It makes creating videos and visual content enjoyable, easy to manage, and fast to distribute. Powtoon accomplishes this by allowing you to animate PowerPoint presentation slides so that they play like a video. Rather than clicking through slides, the seamless integration with video effects and other features helps bring everything to life.

Powtoon is an excellent tool for teachers who want to engage their students more digitally. It includes a plethora of templates to get you started, but it also includes a wide range of images and videos that can be used to personalize the end result. The idea is that it can be used by both teachers and students without taking up too much time or requiring a steep learning curve. Moreover, it is also a very effective way for students to express themselves in a more creative manner. The fact that they’re learning a new tool while doing so is just a bonus. 

It is a very appealing tool, with ready-made templates, online access, and teacher-specific features. It can be used in the classroom, for remote learning, or as a resource to share for viewing outside of the classroom. Perhaps as a means of setting assignments aside so that you have more time to focus on what you need in class.


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