ICT Support

ACP has been the forerunner in providing ICT support to Singapore’s educational institutions since 1997. We have constantly kept ourselves abreast with the latest technologies, innovations in education scene; and MOE jurisdictions.

It is evident that technology is playing a critical part in education. Nevertheless, ACP believes the school and the teachers should continue to place greater emphasis in the educational pedagogy frameworks in building our young generation; who will be our future leaders. Thus, we strongly recommend your school to engage our ICT Support services to help in the execution of ICT Masterplan 4.

Being the leading EduTech provider in Singapore, we have more than 60 ICT Trainers, ICT Executives, Multimedia Educators and ICT Advocators stationed in schools providing ICT support. At ACP, we take utmost measures to keep our ICT Support staff engaged through various events. This include quarterly meet-ups, health check-ups and wellness trainings. We will also reach out to you from time to time to learn about your level of satisfaction with our ICT Support staff services. All would be done through regular meetings and bi-annual appraisal surveys.

We believe that by providing a quality service standard, we can have a strong and healthy relationship with your organisation; and act as an enabler in improving with your organisation’s ICT services and standards.