The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council and six trade associations last week called for a safety time-out, after a recent spate of fatal workplace accidents. The total number of work-related deaths this year is now 23. This alarming trend of workplace fatalities has to be stopped because innocent lives of YOUR workers are being lost, due to basic safety lapses that can be easily avoided with safety trainings.

Safety trainings isn’t an option anymore; it is a NEED. You have to implement it to protect the lives of your workers.

Planning safety trainings or courses for all your workers is indeed challenging due to the following constraints:

  • Source for classrooms
  • Source for additional budget
  • Source a COMMON time for everyone
  • And it continues…

But DON’T let these constraints stop you from having safety trainings! Implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) like LOOP helps you to eliminate all these constraints and ensure your safety trainings can be conducted easily and effectively.

LOOP allows ease of accessibility to training, and your workers can easily attend the trainings anytime, anywhere, without having to allocate them at the same place and time. This saves your time, money and effort and rest assure that your workers will have an informative and conducive session with all the visual contents.

LOOP goes one step further with its On-The-Job Training (OJT) feature, allowing you to test your workers’ skills competency at your workplace. A chatroom is implemented to encourage your workers to strike new interactions to clear their doubts and source for help, preventing them from making any mistakes which leads to potential accidents! If you are still unfamiliar with LOOP’s OJT, here’s a short video and read on it!

How should your workers access this content then?

In this mobile age, how many things are you able to do with your smart phones? Probably almost everything right?

Technology is pushing safety trainings into new heights, these small mobile devices and applications are powering the world in all sorts of ways and you will no longer need to rely on traditional pen and paper anymore!

With an estimated 6.4 Billion Smartphone users today, this shows that majority of your workers are ALREADY using mobile phones and personal apps, it’s clear that if leveraged properly, mobile application can have a big impact on job site safety and your workplace safety culture.

Mobile applications can help to enhance YOUR workers’ protection with easier and increase access to safety trainings and courses. This also allows your safety managers to better train staff, track incidents and follow new regulations, reducing the risk of accidents!

With just one tap on the download button, your workers will be able to access their safety trainings and complete the relevant courses assigned to them through LOOP’s mobile application. Here is video about LOOP’s mobile application, check it out!

Nothing is more important than the safety of your workers, protect them. Let’s all work together and move towards an accident-free workplace together with LOOP!