With the recent safety time-out due to the spate of fatal workplace accidents by Workplace Safety and Health (WSH), this serves as a wakeup call for all organizations to NOT forsake safety trainings. These accidents can actually be prevented by basic safety lapses; hence we NEED to put a stop to it with the help of a Learning Management System. (LMS)

Ease of accessibility to training

Especially in this pandemic, gathering not one, but ALL your workers at once to attend trainings together is clearly impossible, due to the busy and conflicting schedules of each individual. Not to forget, finding a location to conduct these trainings as well.

However, you may now put aside all these worries because with a LMS like LOOP, it allows ease of accessibility to training, and your workers can easily attend the trainings anytime, anywhere, having their own empowerment of learning.

Trainings can be conducted with visual content in LOOP to help your workers stay engaged throughout so that it is easier for them to skim and digest, ensuring that they absorb all important information.

On-The-Job-Training (OJT)

Educating your workers the fundamentals isn’t enough, with LOOP’s On-The-Job training (OJT) feature, it provides a chance for your workers to have a hands-on practice of what they have learnt, allowing them to excel in your workplace.

OJT conducts trainings that are in accordance to your workplace, this helps them to understand approved practices and safety expectations, which reduces the chances of future accidents. This is to ensure your workers are competent enough before they start working independently. Here’s a video to provide you a better overview about how OJT will benefit you, check it out!

Safety trainings could save the life of one of your employees, so why wait until the unthinkable happens? Let’s starting working together to walk towards an accident-free workplace for everyone!