What constitute Intellectual Properties (IP) in the current digital learning space? The answer is YOUR CONTENT! 😲


With the speed of digitalization, it gets seemingly easier for your learners to just “download” your content and spread it around with their peers or colleagues. Content theft might even claim YOUR work as theirs! 😡


The total number of IP theft cases in United States was 87,419 in 2012. Based on a survey done by CNBC in 2018, 1 in 5 Corporations did experience IP loss or was stolen by someone else!


Here are some reasons why YOU should start protecting your IPs:

1) Your online IPs set your business apart from competitors. Losing them to someone else also means losing revenue-generated opportunities too! The Theft of American Intellectual Property estimates that annual costs from IP losses range from $225 billion to $600 billion. 😲

2) If you don’t, someone else will. Don’t be surprise if someone claims your content as theirs and starts taking control and profiting out of it!


Protecting your IPs can be easily fulfilled with LOOP. With LOOP‘s strong security features like facial authentication and download restriction, trust that your online IPs will stay only and within in LOOP! Here’s a short read and video to find out more about how LOOP protects your IPs!


Don’t give content theft the chance to download or share your materials!


It’s time to give your Intellectual Properties protection.


Cheerful Regards,
On behalf of Team LOOP