Meet Chun Boon – our Developer Intern! Here’s a fun fact about him: He loves drawing! On his off days, he would spend up to hours and focus on finishing a drawing. It’s a great way for him to relax!

A great team player with a strong sense of responsibility, he is one of the key players for LOOP – our in-house Learning Management System’s latest feature – Session Monitoring which provides automatic proctoring using computer webcam for online tests and examinations to ensure academic integrity! With his internship coming to an end, let us hear from Chun Boon about his experience with ACP:

“Overall, it was a fulfilling experience. As each project has a vastly different approach and objective, I was able to pick up new skills and apply them on a frequent basis. The team that I am working with are friendly and approachable. Even when there are times where everyone is busy due to the datelines cutting close, the developers that I worked with are open to help me out whenever I have issues. Though I am not a very verbose individual by nature and would usually prefer to have things done by myself, I learned a lot about effective communication with teammates. In fact, working in teams has allowed me to develop both my written and spoken communication skills! My greatest accomplishment during this internship would be the session monitoring feature for LOOP. I initially thought that the feature is going to be difficult and out of my league to work on due to my lack of prior practical experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and image processing. As I tried and researched on using AWS Recognition, I managed to overcome it and completed it before the deadline. Aside from the technical skills required as a developer, I can work better under pressure now. Unlike in schools whereby projects are usually given weeks or even months to work on, ACP has exposed me to hone my time management skills as I juggle to complete different tasks before the deadline. ACP has also equipped me with the necessary skills to deal with uncertainties, which are part and parcel of the work of a developer.

To the future interns of ACP: “Be open-minded. You are more capable than you realise, and all you need is take that one single step to kick-start that instinct.” – Chun Boon

Truly, “There is more in you than you know. If you can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of your life, you will be unwilling to setting for less.” – modified from Kurt Hahn. From all of us at ACP, we wish you (Chun Boon) all the best for your future endeavours! We can’t wait to see the things you will achieve as a full-fledged developer!

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