Engaged employees lead to:

  • Higher service quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher level of sales and profits
  • And more…

I’m sure most of you are aware of the benefits of an engaged employee, but do you know HOW you can engage them during their trainings? Carry on reading!

  1. Gamification

The most popular way to get your employees engaged is through Gamification, a must-have for learning.

In LOOP’s gamification, we provide features such as obtaining points and badges. The prospect of earning these points and badges motivate your employees to compete for recognition, allowing them to feel more valued and appreciated. This in turns increases their engagement level, motivating them to work harder and produce better results. Isn’t that a win-win situation for everyone?

Friendly competitions among the employees are also encouraged with LOOP’s leaderboard. Employees will challenge one another by completing as many course as possible to be the FIRST on the leaderboard. You may offer shopping or food vouchers to further motivate them!  ?

  • Empowerment of their own learning

With an increasing reliance on mobile devices and a faster pace of life, your employees are constantly on-the-go and all over the place. You will no longer be able to gather all your employees to attend trainings together. You will need a way to offer all your employees an online training experience that allows them to learn ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. LOOP allows your employees to access your courses easily from any internet connected devices, increasing their participation in learning.

When your employees are able to complete the courses in the comfort of their home, travelling or anywhere else, their engagement will definitely improve.

  • Chatbots

It is true that LMS brings about many conveniences to the learners, but sometimes it is hard to deny that it can get a little lonely learning online all by yourself.

With Chatbots, it can serve as a direct bridge between the platform and your learners, bringing them closer to the platform and build a constant relationship with them. It will initiate conversations with your learners to optimize learner engagement.

With LOOP, you will be fully occupied and entertained by your study companion, LOOPIE! It provides you constant reminders and… Curious to find out more about LOOPIE? Watch this video!

By choosing the right LMS with the right features, you are able to achieve increased employee’s engagement which potentially brings many benefits to you and your organisation. Have a greater understanding on how amazing LOOP will help you by trying it out yourself!