Time Tracking

Time tracking is vitally important for productivity, but there is no single time tracking method that works perfectly for everyone. Some prefer to have their time tracked automatically, others want to manually record their time entries, and there are even people who need to create reports from time tracking data and analyze them.

The good news is that YouTrack can help you maintain accurate timekeeping records no matter which approach you and your team prefer.

The brand new Timesheets will provide you with multiple opportunities to view and update work items for yourself and other users on a calendar view and use a collection of interactive timesheets for specific projects.

Read on to learn more about the essentials of tracking and reporting time with YouTrack, and find out about some brand new integrations that add a whole bunch of extra time tracking options.

Time reports

Time reports allow you to combine all recorded time entries on one page, filter them as you need, and get a big-picture view of how time is spent on tasks in projects. You can use various data views – per issue, per project, per user, or per work item – for different purposes, for example to check whether anyone in your team was overloaded during the latest release, or whether a user story took way more time than you had planned.

Time reports can be exported to CSV or Excel for further analysis and calculation, and they can be added to YouTrack dashboards to keep your time statistics close at hand.

We hope that these tips will help you configure the time tracking process that best suits your team’s needs.

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