• For the last 4 years the share of developers who use Python as their main language remains at the pretty same level of 84-85%.
  • JavaScript is the most popular language used together with Python. However, for developers who use Python as a secondary language, C/C++ are about as popular as JavaScript. HTML/CSS, Bash/Shell, and SQL are also widespread, each being used by more than a third of Python developers.
  • The most popular languages used along with Python by web developers are JavaScript (69%) and HTML/CSS (60%), while developers involved in data-related tasks more often use SQL (42%). Also, the share of developers who don’t use any additional languages is three times higher among those who are involved in data-related tasks, compared to web developers.

For what purposes do you mainly use Python?

There are no great changes in the distribution of Python use cases over the years. Data analysis, machine learning, web development, and DevOps are still the most popular fields for Python usage.

What do you use Python for the most?

A quarter of developers who use Python as their main language primarily use it for web development. Among those for whom Python is a secondary language, only 12% do so.

Interestingly, data analysis as a primary field for Python usage is reported by nearly the same share of developers both for whom it is the main programming language (17%) and as a secondary one (16%).

Source reference from Python Developer Survey results

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