Our very own training executive Zafirah has attended a training course on ‘Managing Self and Others’ and here’s what she likes to share.

On 16 October 2019, Zafirah attended a training on Managing self and Others which was conducted by Mr David Anthony from Service Quality Centre. During the 8 hour course, she learnt how to better manage her emotions when dealing with all kind of people/customers. In addition, she also learnt about social awareness and how social awareness can affect our relationship with others.

Zafirah wants to highlight the learning points using an acronym – RATER for Customer Experience.

Reliability – Customers expect us to do it right each and every time based on what we have committed to do.

Assurance – Customers expect us to know what we are talking about

Tangible– Customers Expectations (Can see and feel it, feel good)

Empathy – Customer expect us to understand what we are going through

Responsiveness – Customers expect us to show a sense of importance and urgency.

To fully understand customers’ expectations, here are the key points:

  1. There are no difficult customers, only customers in difficult situations
  2. Learn to instil positive emotion because it can affect how we act/ behave towards customers
  3. Have empathy – Listen and understand what the customers wants
  4. Respond to services challenges positively in order to establish a mutually acceptable situation and a strong relationship in the long run

While all of us do not really handle “customers” per se, this can be extrapolated to handling of requests, such as by your reporting officer, director or teachers in schools for instance.