The common stereotype associated particularly with learning is that it’s a boring and difficult chore, but not with LOOP’s gamification!


LOOP’s gamification is a SIMPLE concept that can produce BIG results and it plays a big part in making learning fun and enjoyable for your learners!


Here are some benefits of having a fun and enjoyable learning for your learners:

1) Learners will be able to skim and process information better, which increases their engagement by 60% and productivity by 50%!

2) Learners will constantly be motivated to come back for more courses!


Top companies like Deloitte. incorporated Gamification into their training system and since then here has been a 47% increase in the number of users returning to the site each week, many learners described the training program as “addictive” and fun!


Fun is such an easy thing to feel and recognize but such a hard thing to create BUT find out how LOOP does it here.


It’s time to let your learners have fun!

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