Do you receive hundreds of emails from product enquiries to usability issues from your customers every day? Sharing your main inbox flooded with customer queries, support requests and internal communication can be overwhelming and hamper your work efficiency. Furthermore if you have multiple customer support agents, it can be difficult to find out who was attending to which queries. Two or more agents may be responding to the same customer at the same time.

If this sounds familiar within your company, it’s time to streamline your customer support with a helpdesk ticketing system.

What is a helpdesk ticketing system?

A helpdesk ticketing system is an application that organizes customer support requests in a single database and provides customer support agents the tools to track requests and manage them.

No matter the size of any business, if you have to manage multiple customer issues, you need to manage it well. Having a centralized ticketing system means greater optimization, lower customer service cost and reduced response time and the result is satisfied customers.

Benefits of Helpdesk Ticketing System

  • Streamlined interactions from one location

Your company can track and manage inbound support requests with the help of an efficient ticketing system. The system makes managing support cases easier for support agents while remaining alert to all client issues. Today’s sophisticated ticketing systems prioritize tickets, allowing support agents to find requests that need to be attended urgently.

  • Record past customer interactions

A research into customer service by Microsoft showed that 72% of customers expect their customer service agents to remember who they are and their past interactions. A ticketing system can help customer service agents access past communications with customers. It enables them to provide seamless customer service since the records they require are constantly accessible. Customers do not need to describe their problems repeatedly.

  • Improved customer experience

Qualtrics reported 43% of customers would consider switching companies simply because of one negative customer experience. Hence it is crucial to address every customer’s concerns quickly. A ticketing system allows customers to watch the progress of their requests and receive prompt replies which can increase their happiness and make them feel valued.

  • Improved efficiency and capability

Automated ticketing systems improve efficiency by allowing agents to handle tickets according to their expertise. Additionally, depending on individual case priority, they can spot problems that require quick resolution. Adopting cutting-edge solutions improves team productivity and efficiency, speeds up reaction times, and eliminates potential for error.

  • Report and data analytics

Helpdesk ticketing software have tools to evaluate the customer service team’s performance with reports and data analytics that can be used to identify areas of improvements.

Data visualization such as graphs helps the team understand customer trends and behaviors. By identifying recurring problems and frequently asked questions, the customer service team can prepare answers to answer them quickly in the future. They also allow the support team to focus on problematic areas in customer touchpoints that need resolution.

Is a Helpdesk Ticketing System suitable for you?

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In short, a Helpdesk Ticketing System is designed to make customer interactions easier and manage information.

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