In a groundbreaking move, JetBrains is unveiling its highly anticipated AI Assistant, a transformative addition to their suite of development tools. The integration of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) into JetBrains IDEs marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of both the development and creative industries. This move aligns seamlessly with JetBrains’ commitment to enhancing the developer experience by automating routine tasks, allowing users to concentrate on larger project aspects.

According to JetBrains State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 report, 60% of developers are already familiar with AI code generation tools, and this number is only likely to grow. They’ve seen high interest in AI Assistant during the preview phase,

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The AI Assistant is strategically woven into the core workflows of JetBrains IDEs, leveraging their deep understanding of code, context, and project structure. Released with the 2023.3 versions of commercial IDEs and ReSharper, AI Assistant is set to redefine how developers work by offering powerful features. These include an AI chat interface that acts as a context-aware assistant within the IDE, refactoring suggestions with explanations, code completion based on contextual information, automated documentation generation, and even the ability to generate high-quality commit messages.

The AI Assistant is not just a standalone tool; it’s backed by the powerful JetBrains AI service. This service empowers JetBrains to utilize a variety of large language models in a secure and transparent manner. By partnering with OpenAI and leveraging their own models, JetBrains ensures flexibility and adaptability to evolving AI technologies.

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