What is content development?

Content development is a process that involves storyboarding, creation, and uploading. Often, a Learning Management System (LMS) is involved in the process.

An LMS can allow institutions or companies to upload the content that they have created onto a system where students and employees alike can access.

Naturally, you want to create content that is engaging and useful for your audience.

A company needs to provide good upskilling materials for employees. If you are a teaching institution, you will need to create good content for your students to learn well.

However, not everyone knows how to do this well. If you have little to no experience in content development, you might need an eLearning Content Authoring Tool, such as Articulate 360.

What is Articulate 360?

Articulate 360 is an authoring tool that lets you easily create content for your desired audience. WIth Articulate 360, you are able to create content that is suitable for multiple digital platforms.

The best thing is that you do not need to tweak a single thing on different devices. Articulate 360 will automatically display your content and fit it to the device it is viewed on

What are some key features covered in an Articulate 360 subscription?

1. Storyline 360

This is where you will develop your content for your employees or students.. When you publish in this tool, your course will automatically be uploaded across multiple digital platforms.

This makes it extremely easy for you because you do not need to constantly monitor your content across different devices to ensure it is responsive.

2. Content library 360

In this space, you will be able to find a multitude of digital assets that you can use to develop your content in your storyline!

These assets include images, videos, and templates that you can leverage to assist you in developing your content.

3. Review 360

Review 360 acts like a forum for you and other stakeholders to discuss and share feedback about the content provided. The best part? You can access it from a simple web page!

There is no need for you to download another application to engage with your students or employees about the education or training they are getting.

4. Rise 360

This is where the magic happens! With Rise 360, you will be able to ensure that the content you develop will be responsive for any device it is viewed on.

Say goodbye to web pages that break when viewed on smartphones and start developing content with ease!

5. Articulate 360 training

Build your skills with Articulate 360 Training

Watch our friendly video guides , webinars with e-learning experts to grow your skills or sign up for eContent Creation with Articulate


Content development does not have to be difficult. In this digital age, everyone can learn to create their own content.

With the advent of content authoring tools such as Articulate 360, it is now possible for even inexperienced people to develop content.

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