JetBrains Space is a complete software development platform that provides project management, issue tracking, Git hosting, code reviews, continuous integration, package repositories, and remote backend orchestration for JetBrains IDEs through dev environments.

Code reviews are one of the most important tools in a programmer’s toolkit. Not only do they help to ensure that your code is high quality and bug-free, they also help keep your code readable and maintainable. In addition, code reviews can help to prevent coding errors from being introduced into your code base.

Space supports the code review process in its web interface, in your IDE, and on mobile. You and your fellow developers can create code reviews and merge requests, add single-line and multiline comments, suggest edits, and set up quality gates and safe merges to make sure that a merge commit doesn’t result in failed builds.

In this post, let’s look at your options when it comes to code reviews and merge requests in Space.

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