What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System (LMS) manages the learning process of an organisation through eLearning content development. Essentially, it is a system through which institutions deliver eLearning content to learners.

The learning content can be of different types such as text, audio, video, and others. Learning resources can be stored in a cloud system where they can be accessed by learners at any time of the day.

Furthermore, there is usually a large section of education-related tools ranging from quiz creation to forum discussions.

As such, it is without a doubt that having a proper LMS in place has become a priority for educators and trainers alike to take advantage of the power of digitalization and eLearning.

What is LOOP LMS?

LOOP LMS is a SCORM-compliant LMS that easily allows educators to upload training content. It also allows instructors to develop content from scratch on the system.

LOOP LMS is designed for companies and schools alike to enable employees and students to learn online effectively.

What are some of the benefits that distinguish LOOP from other LMS?

Now that you know what an LMS is and what LOOP is about, let’s learn more about the key benefits that LOOP offers!

1. Seamless integration with third-party software

With covid-19, many institutions, especially schools, have resorted to online conferencing as a source of communication. This makes it important that your LMS can enable you to monitor your students.

With such an integration, learners can communicate in real-time and discuss content on the LMS without the need to open a separate ZOOM call, providing much-needed convenience.

LOOP also allows you to integrate other software like Office 365 and other Google Apps.

2. Facilitates Content Development

LOOP LMS is developed under the direction of ACP Group. You can further develop interactive content using eLearning Authoring tools such as Articulate and Powtoon, current users of such tools will find it a breeze to upload the content created onto LOOP LMS.

Furthermore, LOOP was designed to be content-friendly. This means that different document format types like audio, images, or texts can be uploaded while creating a mobile-responsive page.

A mobile-responsive page is incredibly important in today’s age since most people have access to a mobile device.

3. White-labeling capability

Are you an institution looking for an LMS whereby you can incorporate your brand identity? If so, LOOP is just the right fit for you!

With LOOP, you can customise the domain name to fit your corporate needs. After creating your training resources, you will then be able to allow your employees to purchase those training resources on the e-Marketplace in LOOP.

With LOOP, you will also be able to set announcements to alert everyone in your organisation regarding important datelines or tasks.

4. Responsive User Interface

Are you afraid that your content viewed on the desktop will be completely different from that viewed on a mobile device?

Fret not, as LOOP was designed so that the training content and design will be responsive on all digital devices. This is extremely important if you want to enable your students or employees to be able to view videos or certain content types on a mobile device.

5. Skills Competency Framework for upskilling

A new addition to LOOP, the Skills Competency Framework can let you plan the learning schedule of your employees.

Being loosely mapped with Skillsfuture Singapore, the framework makes it relatively easy for you to track the progress of your employees and also upskill your employees with ease.


In today’s age, many organisations are providing education and upskilling opportunities online through an LMS. The usage of LMS will only become more intense in time to come.

However, most organisations blindly choose an LMS with the most basic capabilities, without first asking what benefits they require from the LMS.

If you want to learn more about how you can enable eLearning for your organisation through an LMS, click here!