Applied Learning

In making learning more relevant to everyday life, educators set tests and/or examinations, which require students to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real-world scenarios. At ACP, we seek students to apply their newly acquired digital literacy skill to resolve a real world problem. More than learning the functions of the coding blocks taught in our sessions, we challenge the students to create new programming scripts. They can also create a digital prototype and/or even an animation to promote resolution of any problem they face. For instance, students are encouraged to solve water wastage rather than simply knowing that it is not desirable to our population.


Infrared (IR) Thermometer

In fact, ACP collaborated with students from ASRJC to build a prototype of the Infrared (IR) Thermometer with Arduino kit and recyclable cardboard. We are especially proud of the students’ demonstration of applied learning in solving a real world problem!


IR Thermal Camera

Inspired by the students to continue to find new things to create, we then utilised our experience with the IR Thermometer to create our very own IR Thermal Camera using Python programming and Raspberry Pi at less than SGD 100!


Mini X

Applied learning is about finding new things to create and new ways to create the same thing! We are proud to present our latest creation – Mini X!

Students Work

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