“Parents are more attuned nowadays to technology and programming. They see it as quite healthy intellectual pursuit for their children.”  – Ms. Adeline Chu, cofounder of Saturday Kids
Students are now on vacation and different activities can be done like recreational, educational or just simply a break. However, there are reports that centres, workshops, holiday booth camps have an increasing demands when it comes to programming classes.  More workshops increased their number of workshops for six to 12 years old students.
The centres said that parents are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and relevance of coding. Instead of using advanced computer programming like Java and C++, the centres uses Scratch – programming language based on visuals and animation.
Foreign start-ups have also noticed Singapore’s demand for coding lessons. First Code Academy, a Hong Kong-based company has launched nine workshops in Singapore during the current holidays. “Singapore is a good choice because the Government is supportive of coding, and the start-up scene here is growing – they need a lot of programmers” said Kevon Cheung, Business Development Manager of First Code Academy.
Centres have been receiving more requests for lessons not only during holiday camps but even on weekends throughout the entire year. Through these coding classes, kids were able to learn the value of coding that might help them in the future. Kids can also enhance their creativity and analytics by spending time in coding.*
ACP has always been a believer of young generations’ ability. We know that with proper training and encouragement, kids will have the interest in ICT skills like programming while having fun. As one of the authorised training partners of IDA’s learning roadmap, we also use Scratch for our Game Developer course.
ACP’s Game developer course will give the pupils the opportunity to work with the latest game technology to create the next hottest games. It will allow the students to be creative, analytical and at the same time have fun while coding. Know more about our courses here.

*Source: www. straitstimes.com