Holidays are for giving and receiving and the great part into it is that we were able to say “thank you” to show our appreciation. Most of us see establishments and enterprises as a place where we purchase gifts especially during the holiday season. Usually, we think that entrepreneurs are the receiver because they get money from us when we purchase or if we avail to their services. This is the season where they offer many attractive promotions both from the real and virtual market. Aside from buying from them, let us look into the things that these entrepreneurs are providing us.
We should be also thankful to entrepreneurs for giving us things that make our life easier or more enjoyable. They also provide us with employment opportunities. By building businesses, they give chances to the people to have their source of income for their families. In addition, some companies or enterprises also give their people the opportunity to improve their skills through trainings. This allows the employees to have personal and professional growth.
Another reason to thank our entrepreneurs is their products and services. Through their products and services, we were able to have things that make our life more convenient and that is very helpful in our everyday lives. Some of their products/ services also give us the luxury to enjoy or relax in our busy schedules.
Product and services are result of their innovation. Through innovation, entrepreneurs were able to provide us with our wants and more importantly our necessities. For instance innovation in healthcare providers, give the patients more comfort. In education, businesses that provide modern learning tools give our learners a more interactive learning environment. At work, business solutions help us in doing our work easier and faster.
Through the advancement in technology, businesses now have more capabilities to upgrade their services and products. Through an e-commerce website, businesses can now operate and sell all day long. Transaction and payment will be done online thus, making it easier for customers to shop.
Aside from thanking our entrepreneurs, we should also appreciate the initiative of Singapore government in supporting the small and medium enterprises who wants to improve their productivity. They are supported by the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) and Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP). The ICV is a $5,000 voucher that allows SMEs to upgrade their capabilities for innovation, productivity, human resource development and financial management. The IGP encourages businesses to become more productive and share gains with workers.
ACP can help entrepreneurs to maximize this opportunity that the government is providing. Contact us to know more about it!