Getting certifications can be expensive and involve a lot of hard work. The question that comes up then is – “Is it really worth it?”. As the new year is coming in a couple of months, it is worth considering the importance of Microsoft certification in 2014. It has always been valuable to IT professionals, but its relevance can also be seen as described below.
4466211369_3233297bc8Unemployment is Still High
With the unemployment rata not going down, the competition for a decent paying IT job is intense. Since there is no shortage of job candidates, employers can view the situation as a buyer’s market. This means that those with the best skills get the jobs. Getting your certifications updated is one way to let your potential employer know that you have the skills that they are looking for.
Job Mistakes are Costly
The IT department usually facilitates business processes. When they make a mistake, it can be have dire consequences – from data loss to fines from regulatory boards.
Having an updated Microsoft certification, helps to ensure that you are well versed in Microsoft’s recommended best practices. By knowing these, you can minimize mistakes on the job.
7158921905_f0d40928f3_oEnhance Your Resume
As mentioned above, certification can help you land new jobs. As for someone who is a fresh graduate, certification can be much more valuable. This can compensate your lack of experience since those just getting started in IT typically don’t have a lot of things in their resume.
Expand your Knowledge
IT professionals usually work with a particular Microsoft product on a normal basis and only use some of the features. Studying for a Microsoft certification pushes you to learn about the other features that you don’t normally use.
Pay Increase
Raises are not usually given out to every employee. Often times when an employee asks for a raise they are asked to justify the request.
You can use your certification as a bargaining chip.  The fact that you have earned certifications means that you are serious in learning more new skills. You are also a valuable asset and you could potentially leave the company if you are unhappy and employers know that.
Microsoft Products are Still Relevant
Apple maybe getting the spotlight in the media but they only dominate the mobile device market. Most corporations continue to run Microsoft products on their servers and on their desktop computers.
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