New comers to the IT field and even the pioneers are seeking computer certifications to increase their knowledge in a certain field. IT certifications are said to be like investments, and with investments, you need to know the ROI before committing time, money and resources. Microsoft exams, for example, can cost a lot of money and time. Here are a couple of benefits in getting a certified.
Knowledge is Power
The IT industry is a fast paced knowledge-driven world. Learning a certain topic today is not enough for it might be irrelevant already in just a couple of years. IT professionals are needed to embrace an attitude of constant learning to keep up with the technology.
Better Employment
According to CompTIA, the largest vendor neutral certifying group, 68% of IT hiring managers regard IT certifications as a medium or high priority. Computer certifications are a good way to gauge an applicant’s capability and make sure their résumé reflects that.
Salary Premium
Besides increasing your chance of employment, IT certifications also net you an increase in earnings. CompTIA says that businesses will typically pay a 10% premium for someone who has an entry level certification. This can reach up to 40% when you acquire higher computer certifications.
Career Improvement
A lot of professionals reach a point where they have done all they can do in their respective jobs. Their positions might be no longer eligible for further responsibilities, challenges or even pay unless they move up the corporate ladder.
IT certifications can help in improving the chances to such promotions. For example, getting Microsoft exams can help a support tech employee go to a new position like server administrator.
Future Proofing
The IT world is a fast paced environment. New products are always coming out and easily gaining acceptance by the market. When organizations begin to replace their outdated or worn down equipment, they will look for qualified IT technicians, managers and consultants to plan, deploy and administer the upgrades. If you are certified, you have leverage to provide those services.
If used properly, certifications can make an excellent tool to assist you in a better career progression. They open doors into new employment opportunities and can put you in front of other employees seeking promotion. Take time to research various certification programs and determine which ones are right for you and your chosen career.  As a starter, ACP offers Microsoft exams to start your road into certifications. For more information, click here.