what is lms

LMS or Learning Management System uses a software application or web-based technology that plans, executes and assesses a specific learning process. Most LMS systems are web-based to facilitate access to content learning and administration at any time of any place. The education sector also embraces the use of e-learning with ACP’s CyberSphere as it constantly adapts with the internet.
Our solutions aim to deliver an efficient educational system that encourages students to more towards collaborative and self-directed learning. Given this method, students would more likely develop the tendency to speak up and ask more questions or comments through an online discussion portal that also proves to be of a more encouraging and conducive environment as there would be no judging or peer pressure from fellow students. Aside from the educational sector, the learning management system is also adapted by the army learning management system (ALMS). It is used for the training and organizing of soldiers online. This also allows trainers to collaborate, schedule and perform army career training efficiently.
Learning Management System
Beside educational institution and the army, the corporate world has also adapted this system for online leadership training. This method allows more choices for creators of curriculum such as method of delivery, design of materials and techniques for evaluation which results in getting more value from human resources while empowering individuals with additional tools for self-improvement and optimizing performance. Apart from learning purposes, LMS also works as automotive parts provider by managing their franchise network, certify franchisees, collection of franchise fees and performing equipment audits.
Airline companies have also used LMS for disaster volunteer coordination by allocating people with various activities and assigning relevant workflows for disaster preparation. On the overall, LMS functions as a viable tool in learning inside and outside of a classroom that will exponentially continue to grow. The software is constantly evolving to be used in a variety of ways that enables us to process knowledge in a more convenient and efficient way.