Another year has gone by and everyone is looking forward for a brighter year. Some of us might have done their list of New Year’s resolutions. The good thing about celebrating New Year is the chance of staring anew and becoming the better you. We can look at it as the beginning of a more meaningful and productive year.
As we welcome 2015, we should learn from our mistakes in the past. In addition, it will also be very helpful if we set goals to target this year. Goal setting will motivate us to do our best and improve ourselves for the whole year.
According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage (2010: Crown Business),

When the brain is positive, it releases neurochemicals called success accelerants like dopamine and they turn on part of the brain that allow you to perceive more possibilities and process more information.”

Having a positive outlook can help us to make better purposes and will make us successful in achieving our goals. Here are three simple tips for a positive state of mind this 2015:
Look at your accomplishments during the previous year. This will keep you motivated to look forward for more success. Aside from writing all the things to do for the day, you can also try to write down all the things that you were able to finish. In this way, you can see the progress of the project or task you are in. It will also help you to evaluate the things that need improvement so that you can adjust on the following days.
Focus on positive activities. Try to do something you’ve been wanting to, like participating in sports, baking or enrolling to short and enjoyable courses. Meaningful activities like these will help us improving ourselves. These activities can also help us to develop positive habits that we can use in our daily lives. Furthermore, participating in productive activities can help release stress that you get from school or at work.
Start doing. Every New Year, people try to have their resolutions to make themselves better. But, we do not want these resolutions to remain as plans. The more important thing is to start doing instead of just wishing. Taking action is a larger step for us to become closer to our goals. We should bear in mind that achieving our goals is not instant. We should have the patience and perseverance to reach it. Starting to do your plans is significant to accomplish more and achieve all of our goals.