Vado, a video streaming learning content provider that gives the learners a short bite-sized learning content continues improvement through and for self-evaluation.
Vado offers learning content for various learners such as: Individual Contributors, Front Line Leaders, Business Leaders and other top of the line company Executives. Vado Courses can be learned by the different courses optimized by the Mobile Learner.
This kind of learning process develops a learner to be on top of his game and provide information that can help him in the long run and that is acted by: 70% Vado On the Job Learning Experience, 20% Social Learning and 10% Structured Classroom. Vado courses as offered in bite sizes or chunked learning toolkit increases learning retention and answers concrete objectives.
ACP, as one of the hands that give Vado Courses, offers no other than excellence and true valued lessons that will accustom learners to learning new things by watching videos.
Vado Courses learners can experience the full benefits by its 24/7 access, step-by-step guides, mobile learning, downloadable forms and affordability.
ACP takes part on Vado Courses’ development and well-delivered process of learning through the following offerings:
Competency Development Kit
It contains on-the-job development actions leveraging the natural way leaders develop. It contains learning content for the 20 of the most common competencies.
Onboarding Toolkit
To increase new hire and employee retention, the Onboarding Toolkit has 25 actions designed to onboard, socialize and build the relationship between the new hire, manager and team for a high-performance team and for them to establish rapport and good relationship with each other.
Engagement and Retention Toolkit
It contains actions for the top 17 engagement and retention drivers with five actions for each area. Benefits include: detailed actions for the team.
Career Development Kit
This will help the individuals to identify their career options and create development plan to accomplish future career goals and aspirations.
Project Management Toolkit
This content is built for anyone in any functional area who is asked to manage a project from beginning to end.
Effective Corporate Writing Toolkit
This will improve productivity by teaching how to use writing as powerful tool for getting things done. Learners will improve their on-the-job writing skills – writing clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, memorandums, meeting, minutes, procedures, trip reports, and technical reports.
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