Singapore has what it takes to become a great place for tech companies to build solutions that serve the global markets” -Steve Leonard, IDA executive deputy chairman.

Founders Forum Smart Nation Singapore was launched at Istana by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long. The forum is collaboration between Infocomm Development Authority Singapore and Founders Forum – a London based organisation for entrepreneurs to discuss new business ideas.
Technology innovators like computer scientists, engineers, and software developers in Singapore will soon be able to learn how to maximise their inventions by being entrepreneurs. IDA’s investment division, Infocomm Investments is already coordinating with Entrepreneur First. It is a British based organisation that recruits and support tech talents that provides them with time and space to explore on new projects. It then helps them to build their own commercial company to sell their innovations.
IDA and Entrepreneur First plans to have an intensive six-month course that aims to turn Singapore’s tech talents to entrepreneurs.  This is part of Singapore’s initiative to promote innovations towards becoming Smart Nation. It was observed that some technical innovators is not business-minded or does not know how to be an entrepreneur. This programme aims to bridge the gap between technical professionals into becoming entrepreneurs.  At the end of six-month course, participants will have a chance to pitch their innovations to investors for a start-up funding.
For over the years, Singapore has been active in promoting technological advancements in every organisation. There have been different government initiatives to maximise our ICT capabilities into businesses, enterprises, and other private corporations. The programme from IDA and Entrepreneur First will greatly help our technology innovators to reach their innovations’ full potential by giving them the opportunity to reach wide range of possible customers.
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