During the Infocomm Media Business Exchange (imbX) last Tuesday,  three more projects wre announced for Singapore’s initiative to become a Smart Nation. Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim, declared that Singapore is now on the “build phase”.
“The Infocomm Media Masterplan (IMM), to be launched later this year, will put in place the necessary infrastructure that will serve as a key enabler for Singapore’s Smart Nation,” he said. The three new projects under the IMM are namely the Smart Logistics, Video Analytics Smart Nation Tech Challenge, and Smart Health Assist.
Smart Logistics is a platform that will enable cargo owners, freight forwarders and ground handlers to leverage sensory networks in airports and seaports. This will allow them to track and manage their cargo in near real time. Dr. Yaacob said that with this new initiative, even small players will be able to exchange information across their supply chain. It will also enable timely responses for unexpected events during shipment.
On the other hand, Video Analytics Smart Nation Tech Challenge aims to gather individuals and business to co-create technologies with the government. According to Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), Video Analytics translates video footages into meaningful data which can be used to boost public safety, resource utilisation and situation awareness. This will start in July and winners will be announced January 2016.
The third initiative is the Smart Health-Assist. This will be launched in Jurong Lake District, later this year. Smart Health-Assist will deploy sensors in the homes of the elderly or people with chronic illnesses to monitor their health condition. This will alert caregivers if the patient needs attention.
According to Dr. Yaacob, these three projects are in their early stages of development. He is encouraging global industry partners and local start-ups to help in the development of the solutions. IDA gives chances to local start-ups in terms of bringing solution for the government.*
These three projects will help our nation closer to its plan of becoming a Smart Nation. Different advancements in technology are already on its way. That is why ACP believes that we should teach the young generation how to become ready to the future that lies ahead. We are proud to be part of IDA’s ICT Learning Roadmap as one of their authorised training partners. ACP is conducting different ICT courses which are tailored with IDA’s learning roadmap. We support the government’s initiative to encourage the ICT interest and enhance the ICT abilities of the students. This will help them to prepare our future smart nation. Know more of our courses here.
*Source: www.asiaone.com