Education and trainings have become accessible and fast-paced. Different organizations have invested on these essentials to fully maximize the technology has to offer. It helps on the emerging demand and newly improved processes of organizations that can help their students, employees and trainees to have the best of online learning and training experience.
Various E-Learning programs being offered and maintained. Online training programs are being maximized by the employers as well to train their employees especially the newly hired ones.
Aside from the basics, from having a specific goals and putting up a good content, you must also consider the other essentials on building an effective E-Learning.
In building E-Learning strategies and implementations, a strategic plan must be applied. Below are the essentials ACP provides you that can help you to establish and develop a good E-learning platform:

  • Customized Lessons. Differentiate learning that caters customize lessons according to your needs and standard programs are one of the essentials. It helps you to fully focus on what your trainees need to learn.
  • Social and Collaborative Environment. ACP provides collaborative features and social media integrated tools support discussion and conversation which makes learning more convenient and efficient.
  • A good platform Partnership. ACP’s proven track record has been verified with Singtel’s participation in the E-Learning drive.
  • Change Management. Smooth and hassle-free transfer of E-Learning materials to Cybersphere from your existing Learning Management System.
  • Best-In-Class Tools. Cybersphere Academy uses standard open source tools customized developments and powerful third-party plug-ins to provide an intensive set of configurable features.

As E-Learning is a powerful platform that allows you to interact, access your lessons and exchange knowledge to one another it is best use also for training employees and keeping their records on a good hand.
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