Singapore is among the top cities for job seekers around the world.”

Based on a report published at Yahoo! Singapore, 3.9% of the workers surveyed prefer to work in Singapore. This was a result from the Decoding Global Talent: 200,000 Survey Responses on Global Mobility and Employment Preferences. According to the survey, almost two in every three job seekers globally are willing to move abroad for work. Singapore ranked 9th among 10 other cities namely:
Our ranking proves that Singapore has been an encouraging place to build a stronger career for workers not only locally but also internationally. This serves as an advantage and opportunity for business owners, especially for small and medium enterprise owners to find the right people for their business. Getting experienced and professional employees is a common problem in SMEs. Finding the right people does not mean hiring highly skilled individuals. Instead you should hire people based on their potential and people who have the basic skills you need.
Employees with basic knowledge and skills about the job can still be improved through the training happening at work and by enrolling them in corporate and skills trainings. Good thing that the Singapore government supports and funds training for your workforce. There are different government funded trainings and schemes that can help both the owner and the employees. Know more about the Singapore government training schemes here.

If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” ― Buckminster Fuller

For over the years, ACP has been the best ICT training provider in Singapore. Through our reliable service and expertise in the ICT industry, we have provided successful and effective trainings on different organisations in the country. We have different programmes that can enhance your employees’ skills and productivity at work. This helps your employees to gain professional growth and at the same time this improves the quality of work they are giving to your business. Most of our trainings are government funded which assures the quality and affordability of the trainings we have. Get to know more about our training here.