Whether you’re brushing up for to impress a client, going to another or just for the sake of learning, studying a new language can be very intimidating. Unless you’re 5 years old, there’s no easy way to absorb that kind of knowledge.
Fortunately various “best” language learning software can easily be accessed out there. “Best” because this is subjective to every user, one might feel that certain language learning software is quite easy to use while other might abhor it. Some people take better to learning a new language aurally rather than visually. Other might prefer interaction while some might like a mix of the two.
There are paid and free language learning software available however you are most likely to get a better experience with a paid product since It has better after sales support. Some also include mobile apps which enables you to study while waiting, commuting or almost anywhere where you have a phone with you and a lull time.
Below are some of the best language learning software available.
Rosetta Stone
This paid software provides a nice mix of hearing, reading and speaking environment simultaneously. It also has hour-long virtual classroom sessions which are guided by an instructor on a live video feed for those who really need an actual instructor present.
This is by far the best free language learning software out there. Part crowd-sourcing project to translate the web and part language-learning site, Duolingo has various features that work well at getting you to practice your preferred language. The problem is it won’t make you super proficient in your chosen language as it is quite centered for basic training. It is also limited to language selection compared to the other paid software available.
Rocket Languages Premium
Rocket Languages is primarily a web-based application, so for those who don’t have access to the internet every time this might be a problem. However, when used online it works perfectly. It compels you to return again and use the software which is one of the most important aspects when learning a new language.
Instead of a one-time payment, Babbel has a monthly subscription fee. This doesn’t affect its core programs though as it has high quality courses for anyone who doesn’t mind an online only program. This is great for those who are not too keen in committing and just want to get a feel for the language and program.
ACP has its LMS that can be configured for language, click here for more information.