Mobile learning is still in its infancy. It came into the spotlight since smartphones and tablets are exceptionally popular nowadays. It can be said already that mobile learning will proliferate the same way as e-learning has been delivered to million of learning already.
Mobile learning will present a new set of challenges since the interface has a new dimension to work with, the touch. Below are a couple of important points to consider as you conceptualise your mobile learning.
Focus on Smartphones
SmartphonesBegin with smartphones with tightly defined performance support. Remember that these devices will be often used on the move and on demand.
Ensure that materials are specifically oriented towards mobile delivery. Learning usage are on the rise on tablets and smartphones.
Bite Size Contents
Learning materials need to be provided in short impactful ways. Also keep in mind the to use genres that reflect the demographic of your market. Many of these learners are on the move or have an immediate urgent learning need.
Think Touch
These mobile devices are built with touch in mind. Large amounts of data entry are only suitable with a physical keyboard. Interactions required must reflect the nature of the interface in use.
Device Knowledge
It’s vital that designers design with the device in mind. The device’s physical size, screen size and capabilities will affect how learning is applied.
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