This will be no shock to everyone but most students hate going to school. Waking up and reading boring text is not an ideal day for any active adolescent.  At the recent iNacol Virtual Schools Symposium, participants had the opportunity to hear directly from a panel of students who explained why they preferred to learn online.
Below are some reasons why education online is being embraced by students and teachers too.
More Sleep
This might sound adolescent but the reality is this, students, need more sleep. They often function best late at night and don’t function well early in the morning. Preparing them for the 9-5 schedule might not be ideal since by the time they are starting their careers, most jobs wouldn’t fit the traditional 9-5 mold.
Liberal Learning
The flaw with the traditional educational system lies with its memorization and reward system. Subjects like history and science are thought by letting the students memorize a specific topic and assess the amount of information they have stored through examinations and tests. Online learning allows students to develop and explore their passions while in school. Music, photography, film making and even acting can be fitted through various e-learning courses.
Individual Pacing
Not all students have the same capacity to learn. Others might have it easier while some might need more guidance and assistance. Education online allows them to set their own pace without the prejudice of other students. The usual setup won’t allow a class to stay on a topic too much because a couple of students aren’t getting it.
By using the internet to learn online, students are given access to communicate with their instructors much more easily. In a traditional class, a student can only be given a few minutes to get a teacher’s attention. Using too much time will affect everyone in the class. In an online setting, students can send messages to their teachers. The private nature of this also allows reluctant students to interact with the teachers more.
E-learning courses are getting effective today. The internet is constantly changing how we do things. The technology is there to facilitate better learning for students. Education online is more accessible and effective. The use of internet is not just limited to news or social media, now, you can also learn online.
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