Each month, we take some time off to have a chat with an ACP employee to find out what they do and what they’re like.

This month’s employee: Joel Luo

  1. What do you do at ACP?

Hello! I’m the Human Resource (HR) Executive for ACP. As a HR Executive, I am in charge of all aspects of Human Resource, including recruitment, training, and various staff matters. Other duties may include, arranging activities for our employees, such as dragon boat races, archery events, and so on. At ACP, we strive to have a great work-life balance for everyone.

  1. What is unique or motivating about the work you do at ACP?

One of the key roles of HR is to ensure an optimal person-environment fit. As a recruiter, this occurs when we manage to employ someone who thrives and grows in ACP’s environment. In all honesty, it is never an easy task, because no two persons are alike, and it will never be possible to fully predict the suitability of any given person to the working environment.
With that said, it is certainly motivating whenever we are able to achieve a good-enough fit to see both employee and employer enjoying the collaboration. There are few achievements that bring a greater satisfaction to a HR practitioner.

  1. What does your day-to-day work look like?

My daily work is not really defined by a fixed set of procedures. The company’s needs and necessities do play a large role in what our day looks like. For instance, if we require manpower in a particular area, our day is likely to consist of scouring job sites, liaising with recruitment agencies, and scheduling/conducting interviews. Likewise, if staff require particular training, we will coordinate with both them and training providers to arrange a suitable session.

  1. Is there a word or phrase that best describes your team culture and why?

I’m really proud to say that my team is strongly united, like a family at work. Not only do we get along really well – All of us make the effort to get to know each other on a personal level, to be more than just hi-bye colleagues. As a result, our conversations rarely revolve only around work – I believe that all of us genuinely enjoy each other’s company and interactions. Of course, when duty calls, work comes first!

  1. What is about working at ACP that has most impressed you?

When I first joined ACP, I did not have that much experience in the field of Human Resources. I am not only impressed, but grateful that my boss and my senior colleague have given me many opportunities to learn on the job and develop along the way, guiding me wherever and whenever I might have fell short of the company’s expectations. I have since grown greatly, and I owe it to their patience and willingness to help me to be the best I can be.
Another thing that has greatly impressed me at ACP is how approachable the senior management team is. I have never felt like I could not share my thoughts and ideas with them. For example, I have no problems walking into our director’s room, and asking him if I could have a moment to share what’s on my mind. I do not have to feel afraid that I will be shut down without an opportunity to speak my thoughts. I am proud to work in an environment where my voice, opinions, and ideas are heard and value.