Each month, we take some time off to have a chat with an ACP employee to find out what they do and what they’re like.

This month’s employee: Inderpreet

  1. What do you do at ACP?

Hi, I am Inderpreet. Everyone at ACP calls me Inder.
I am Senior Business Manager with ACP. Right now I head the education department and part of the education department I am manage a team of talented employees. As the name suggests, the education department is responsible primarily for the education market’s sales and marketing so I deal directly with a number of educational institutions, some K12 and other higher learning institutes. We do a lot of product development and provide e-learning solutions, training packages, web based content management solutions and also touch based technology solutions. We maintain a dedicated team of full time ICT staff spread across Singapore who also part of the education department.

  1. What is unique or motivating about the work you do at ACP?

I will say the uniqueness of my work comes from the diversity of the work that I do at ACP. I am primarily responsible for sales and marketing, but also in handling a little bit of operations as well as delivery of a few training projects.  However, I do enjoy the diversity because there are a lot of different tasks that I have to do in a day which feels like I am facing different challenges. That has been what helps me grow and makes the work a lot more interesting.

  1. What does your day to day work look like?

I try to get into the office as early as I possible, probably by 8:30 or earlier to get a little bit of headway on the day itself. The first thing I do is to create a task list even before I check all my emails. I like my morning to be busy and productive and I will try to sets myself through the day with the tasks that I want to do. I also try to be as systematic as possible through the day. because when you are handling such a huge team, sometimes unplanned tasks and difficulties may come along.

  1. Is there a word or phrase that best describes your team culture and why?

I think the word is “responsible”. I work directly with my colleagues who are very responsible and are able to meet deadlines. ACP is a very fast moving organization, so we all need to be extremely efficient. I am glad that my team is on board with that culture and I myself value having a sense of responsibility highly.

  1. What is about working at ACP that has most impressed you?

One of the things that I really appreciate when working in a small organization is that less is more. We have a delicate balance to maintain between three important commodities – resource, time and quality. For a manager, it is important to maintain balance in that trinity. I think that we have achieved that balance, thanks to the corporation of my team and support from seniors. That’s a thing that I feel is a good learning experience.
Another thing I want to point out is that ACP is a very fast moving organization. If there is one thing that is not working, we act really quickly to adapt – try something else immediately and work towards it, even if we have to go into a more detailed level. That’s the advantage that typically small organisations and start-ups have.