Singapore government has a clear digital strategy”

In the recent Network Readiness Index rankings, Singapore outdid Finland and Sweden in the top spot. The ranking was released by the World Economic Forum report on the global information technology. After five years of being a runner-up, Singapore already claimed the number 1 position. The rankings were based from the quality of education and government’s use of information and communications technologies (ICT).
The report recognised that Singapore is best at the government services, encouraging business environment, strong protection of intellectual property, high mobile broadband subscriptions and the high standards of our math and science education.
The most important aspect that boosts our ranking is the government-funded Next Generation National Broadband which has a speed of up to 1Gbps with more than 700,000 home network subscribers.
With our government’s clear digital strategy, the education sector is not left behind. Our education system has always been recognised with its high quality of learning especially in Mathematics and Science. The constant promotion of ICT integration towards the learning method is a significant factor which made Singapore renowned in having the technological competences.  The government supports different initiatives to push educators towards using our ICT capabilities to enhance the skills and knowledge of the students.
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Ministry of Education, Singapore has introduced various programmes to inculcate information and communications technology skills to students. They have supports different ICT courses and training programmes that can enhance students’ ICT skills and develop expertise in different subjects including knowledge in the application domain, specialized algorithm, pattern recognition and formal logic.
As one of the authorised training partner of IDA’s Learning Roadmap, ACP is providing 22 courses which are tailored to build interest and enhance the ICT skills of the students. This will allow the students to become familiar with the technology of today and help them to create the technology of the future.
In addition, educators must also maximise our ICT capabilities by having Learning Management Systems (LMS). LMS has become one of the must-haves e-learning tools for schools. ACP’s LMS – CyberSphere allows collaborative and customised learning for both the teachers and students. This serves as a single platform where students and teachers connect, exchange knowledge and learn from a rich and extensive resource of educational materials. And with our strong network connectivity, teachers and students always have the access to learning anytime and anywhere they are.
Let us continue to be on top of the networked readiness ranking by maximising our ICT capabilities. Click here to learn more on how ACP can help you.