Like an AntiVirus Solution, securing your website is the same. We live in the post-modern era where technology is a must and help us in every way it can. On the other hand, it is very advantageous yet has the same level of disadvantages at the same time. It can make us safe the same time that it can harm us. One of these is our online accounts, as well as our websites.
Protecting your website is possible, indeed, but with continued efforts. It is not a one-time-big-time lead yet it requires monitoring and changes from time to time for its protection. A hacked website might appear poorly of on your company or business, and on you who takes care of it, in general.
We all want to avoid these hacking and our unsecure privacy, as much as possible we wanted it to be smoothly going. There are lots of threats going in the cyberspace that can harm our websites and accounts in the simplest ways.
Here are the tips on how you can secure your website:

  • Be Updated. Always update your details and check from time the time the information you have. Upgrade to newer versions because it often means there has been changes regarding its privacy and security. It can help you to re-customize your site as well for more protection.
  • Use Strong Passwords. Using strong passwords is really recommendable; do not choose those ones that are fancy and easily remembered by anyone. Use different combination of numerals and alphabets with different symbols or special characters so no one could actually guess what your passwords are. Do not use information regarding yourself that most of the people know, i.e. your birthdate.
  • Secured E-mail Address. Do not divulge the website’s e-mail address and make sure you monitor it as well. Secure it so you can protect your website from hackers and spams.
  • Restrict Access. Always have restrictions when it comes to your website’s access, choose only trustworthy people that can update and customize the website or as much as possible, choose only a few.
  • Avoid Spams. Spams are somehow inevitable but you must avoid it. Avoid clicking untrusted links because this might harm your computer and most especially your account. Trust those dialog boxes that say it can harm you and when in doubt, do not continue at all.

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