We want to see how we can be better prepared to have everyone connected everywhere all the time,” said Mr Khoong Hock Yun, assistant chief executive officer of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).

Nowadays, people are always on-the-go. With the fast paced environment we have, time is really essential. Imagine yourself taking an important conference call through your mobile phone but you also need to take the lift. You may be worried that the lines will be drop or be disrupted. But with the ongoing plans of the Singapore government, we should not fear about having disruptive lines or poor wireless network connections.
A new wireless network will be tested which aims to allow consumers to use the internet without having disruptions. HetNet – heterogeneous network will be tested in Jurong Lake District during the second half of 2015. This will involve three of the largest telecommunications companies. However, as of now, users cannot go across different networks. The testing will be in common areas like lifts, Jurong East MRT station and bus stops, and pedestrian lanes.
HetNet will allow users to continue conference calls without worrying about connection dropping. This is part of the long-term goal to ensure to maximise the range of wireless and meet the demands of the rising mobile data users. Successful implementation of HetNet can make health monitoring equipment and driverless vehicles possible. There will be 1,000 network sensors including computer chips and surveillance cameras for elderlies’ safety monitoring will be provided.
Since we heavily rely on our smart phones and tablets when it comes to connecting with each other, disruption-free network will be greatly helpful. We can avoid wasting time by just trying to connect or dial over. This will also give easier access to e-learning. Students who want to study outside school will be able to have a better connection for their LMS.
The disruption-free wireless network will prepare Singapore with its push in becoming the first ever Smart Nation. It will help strengthen our communication by a seamless connectivity through sensors in a street level. HetNEt will pave way for a better lifestyles and the way we connect with each other.