Scratch + Makey Makey training was conducted at Cedar Primary School on the 26th and 27th of June 2019. It is a program which allows students to learn programming creatively apply their coding knowledge to the real world. Scratch with Makey Makey Mezzo is a step by step course that walsk students through programming world, scratch and how to apply the code into real world. The students are introduced to makey makey circuitboard which allows them to unleash their creativity by using rea life objects (cup of water, bananas, clips, toy cars, play dough) to control their code. The participants work in groups to create a short project at the end of the course. The students provided positive feedback for regarding the training program. In a feedback collected, there was a 100% agreement among the students in stating that the course was useful and that the students were able to apply the skills they have acquired from the training.