When a great man passes on, his family and his people often take a pause from their everyday lives, to salute his achievements, honor his legacy, and preserve his memory.
For Singapore, and for all of us, that man is Lee Kuan Yew.
From the day he stepped forward to build Singapore, till today, when he breathed his last at 0318 hours, Mr. Lee never stopped being passionate about our nation, and never stopped dedicating and committing his life to the country he loved so deeply. Mr. Lee was indeed passion, commitment, and dedication personified. Against adversaries who sought to see him fail, against many who did not believe in him, and against many who never agreed with him, Mr. Lee nonetheless kept true to the dream he had for all of us. The results of the love he had for his country is reflected in, to quote Mr. Lee himself, the successful Singapore that we call home today. Mr. Lee gave the best of his years to the nation; indeed, he gave most of his years to us.
Besides his country, Mr. Lee also loved his family deeply. It is well known that besides Singapore, Mr. Lee was also immensely dedicated to his wife of more than 60 years, and it was upon her passing that his health really began to decline. Such a love is indeed equally inspirational, and today, as we mourn the loss of our founding father, we also recognize that today, Mr. Lee is finally reunited with his wife in heaven above, and for this, we also rejoice that Mr. Lee has moved on to a happier eternity.
To ACP, Mr. Lee is the one who built this great nation upon which we then built our company on. We thank Mr. Lee for giving us a home to nurture and grow our organization in, and we will continue to honor his legacy and preserve his memory.