Web design is an art but it should also follow certain elements to be successful. Below are some tips you can follow to increase your chance on success. Follow design elements below and your website will convert traffic to customers easily.
Keep It Simple, Stupid. The most important website design element there is. This is much more important today as it increases search engine rank and keeps cost down.
Don’t Focus Only on Sales
Paying customers are great but you could be missing the opportunity to market to potential customers before they’re ready to buy. Have a blog feed or email mailing list that visitors can subscribe too so they can eventually be converted into paying customers.
Be Responsive
More and more people are browsing the Web on their mobile phones and tablets rather than on their desktops and laptops. With a predicted 50% or more of page views by the end of the year expected to come from tablets and phones, not creating a mobile-friendly site could cost you customers.
Write for People
Don’t write for search engines. SEO changes all the time but one thing has always been constant – you should write for people, not search engines. Good SEO can drive people to your site but if the content is not useful, they will leave and the SEO is wasted.
This new version helps search engines correctly index pages. HTML5 has other advantages for your site, including the ability to better embed video and other content, plus better menus—but the main reason to upgrade is to help improve your search engine ranking.
Call to Action Button
The call to action link is the link you really want your visitors to click next. Maybe it’s a link to subscribe, maybe it’s a link to learn a bit more about you or your products, or maybe it’s a link to buy right now. Every page should have a call to action link and every single one of these links should be a special color.
About Us Page
The purpose of the About Us page is to prove that you’re a real business with real people behind it. It should have a brief description of the people behind your business, where you’re located, and any contact information you care to give away. Addresses and phone numbers will help your users trust you.
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