Staff performance must be at peak in order for an organization to succeed. Training becomes a vital factor for this to be achieved. It is no longer acceptable for employees to wait for weeks on end before training facilities become available. One way to eliminate this problem is via in-house training. However, it is only effective if the content is delivered in a way that is engaging and easily understood. There are a lot of things to consider before committing to this approach.
Below are a few things that we can do in order to make more engaging content.
Active Thinking
Learners who are engaged in an activity are ten times more likely to remember it. Instead of bombarding learners with text, try to make your learning experience interactive. Put puzzles or games. This will prevent them from becoming bored with the content.
Make sure that learners car relate to the material you are giving them. If your market is creative, show them something that will appeal to their creative side. If they are corporate, give a more serious approach. Learning needs to be reinforced in ways that student can relate to.
Attention Grabber
With the decreasing attention span of our generation, it is becoming harder and harder to make someone notice you. Make sure you put extra effort in grabbing someone’s attention and holding on to it.
Reward or Feedback
On going feedback is a good way to enhance the learning experience and encourage learners to keep on trying. A pop-up window saying “Good Job!” or an animated character praising you for a job well done can have significant push to keep them motivated and move forward.
Information Pulling
By allowing the learner to make their own decisions, it challenges them to demonstrate their understanding of what they have been learning about. Leading them to explore before making an important decision will keep the learner engrossed in the lesson, while also promoting the retention of information.
Tidbits of Information
There comes a time where learners have to stop absorbing information. Forcing them to absorb pages of information in a single sitting can be detrimental to their overall learning progress. Presenting them with bits of information can make it easier for them to absorb new knowledge.
Don’t Intimidate
Build the confidence of your learners and don’t bombard them early in the course with questions they can’t comprehend. Show them that they have the capacity to complete their learning experience.
Keep it Fresh
Jumble things up. Reinforce the lessons they have learned through other means. Visual presentations, infographics, charts, etc. are some good representations to make lessons stick.
Have Fun!
Keep the course engaging by mixing in a little bit of humor. Laughter is known to trigger the release of adrenaline in your body, which in turn reduces stress levels and increases the retention of information.
Solve Problems
Create a scenario where learners have to use the information that they have just learned in order to solve a problem. This will help them to adapt the information to real-life scenarios, while also reinforcing what they have already learned.