There are various benefits for both students and educators receive from participating in online education and programs. See below for these benefits.
Cheaper Tuition
Tuition rates can be significantly cut compared to traditional learning when talking about online education. The government can fund online learning programs. This can reduce tuition or be waived altogether.
Individualized Education
The usual wisdom is that traditional classroom allows for more questions. However, the digital classroom is a better place for asking questions and for interacting with professors and other students.
Examine this scenario, if every student in a class of 100 asked one question per class there would be no more time for the lecture. In an online education environment, asking questions don’t impede the lecture.
Online educational can also motivate certain types of students to achieve higher levels of academic excellence, students who feel more confident communicating with teachers and peers online rather than in class.
Time Savings
Students are able to access their course material from anywhere at anytime. People with full-time jobs or have other important matters to attend to can turn to online education. Learners have the option to take one full-blown online class or split it to a couple of course.
Enhanced Technology
Online education allows use of various technologies. Emails, forums, chat rooms, webcasting and videoconference are commonly used among teachers and students. The use of these is thought to inspire self-reflection among learners which online educators hope will help their students engage in deeper learning.
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