Ecommerce has made it easier for entrepreneurs to reach their target market. It makes shopping and delivery of products more convenient.  However, some customers require personal transaction before purchasing the product. For instance, a customer who wants to buy shoes prefers to try it first before purchasing it. Let us discuss the pros and cons of having an online store and physical store alone.
One of the advantages of having an online store is having a wider reach of your market. The Internet is now the platform to learn new information. This is where they get first-hand information about your store and your product. That is why owning a website makes you more credible. In addition, using social media accounts will allow you to connect with your customers easily. When your customer tweets about a defect on your product, you can reply to him / her and replace it immediately.  You can also answer queries about your product through your online platform.  Meanwhile, the disadvantage is that it does not give a personal interaction with your customers. This reduced your opportunity in selling more products. Moreover, photos posted online and actual products might have some differences. This might cause disappointment to other customers.
On the other hand, having a physical store lets you maximise the opportunity of upselling. Aside from having a personal interaction with your customers, physical store also give you the chance to upsell by encouraging them to purchase more through your sales person. Furthermore, if you have excellent customer service, you can also gain loyal customers. However, a physical store alone cannot reach wider target market because you are limited to buyers within your area.
Why not have both?
In this today’s mobile generation of customers, an online store is essential so that they can easily look for you. Having both an online and physical store can maximise your opportunities in selling and upselling your products on a wider market. Make sure that both your online and physical store speaks for each other. The design of your website must complement the look and feel of your store, so that your customers will know that they are on the right place. Your customer will most likely to remember you both in the real and virtual market. Owning both virtual and physical store can assure your customers that you have the ability to provide them the products in any platform they require.