There are various reasons why schools are integrating more online learning in their classrooms. They believe that children will perform better and learn more than they would relative to a conventional learning situation.
Below are a couple of reasons on online learning’s successes.

  • Online learning is cheaper. Even if a tablet or laptop may be required, staff wages cut are still greater savings.
  • E-learning programs offer more opportunities. Independent learning, group learning or blended learning can be facilitated by teachers.
  • Proliferation of flipped classes. A flipped classroom means that students watch the lecture at home via the internet and then do the “homework” in the classroom where the teacher is able to assist.
  • It’s easier to adapt online learning to varied learning styles than it is to adapt conventional learning to different styles of learning. Students who learn online tend to automatically adopt their own particular learning style to the material. The teacher’s time is not occupied with developing techniques for individual students since the students adapt the materials to their own particular needs on their own.
  • Flexibility. The gravity of absences are not that severe compared to traditional learning since students can easily access the material and complete the assignment directly online.
  • Homeschooling parents are able to present their children with more and varied information and materials using online resources. Homeschooling kids can also connect online and create a virtual classroom while enjoying all the benefits of a homeschooling environment.