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One of the greatest benefits of touch screens is the intuitive interaction between user and device. For this reason manufacturers around the world are committing to touch technology.

Touching a device is becoming the new normal. The next generation often expects a device to work by touching or swiping the screen. Soon touch screen technology will be the way we operate the many devices in our world. The touch screen interface is becoming crucial for interacting with Internet of Things (IoT) data. And for using this data to your advantage.

Touch technology is already part of our present. And will 100% be a part of our future. But why do we love touch screens so much? How do they help us in our every day life, both business and personal?

One of the biggest benefits of touch screens is the fact they are usually all-in-one solutions. Touch monitors save space on desks as a mouse or keyboard is not needed.

Integrating everything into the display helps save us valuable space.


“Touch Technology and its applications can help children develop social competence as well as behavioral, emotional & executive functions”

– Lilla Dale McManis & Susan B. Gunnewig, MEd, PhD at the NAEYC Annual Conference, Nov 2012

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Meet EyeFactive’s Appstore.

With the first B2B AppStore for large-scale professional touchscreens a growing number of innovative multiuser business apps is right at your hands: Interactive digital signage software for public spaces, points of sale & information, trade shows and events – as well as collaborative teamwork in companies.

Easily customizable with an intuitive content mangagement software, no programming skills required. For all multitouch displays, tables and walls to control with multiple users simultaneously together!

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Let ACP show you the benefits of using Touch Technology

Speed: Touch screens help us operate any device faster. Think about the time it takes a user to locate a mouse, use a keyboard or trackball. How long it takes to coordinate to the right location on the screen. And activate whatever needs activating on the display.

Ease of Use: It has been proven that touch screens are intuitive in use. That is why using a touch screen in an application will help eliminate errors. Selecting the right button or menu item on a screen has never been easier. You just have to point at it. The on screen buttons can be as big as necessary.

Everyone’s an Expert in Touch: Pointing at something you want is an instinctive gesture. That is why touch screens have always been labeled as being intuitive. Where many people still don’t feel confident enough to use a computer with a mouse and keyboard. But when it comes to touch applications, they don’t seem to have this hesitation. Using a touch screen is as simple as pointing at the right location.

Accessibility: Touch screens can also be of incredible value when accommodating users with physical limitations. A traditional display, mouse and keyboard set up might not work very well for these users.

Durability + Easy to Clean: Different touch screen technologies offer different protective features. In general touch screens benefit from a durable quality. They are made of glass or a similar hard-coated surface. This makes them easy to clean and very suitable for use in restaurants, hospitals and other public environments.