Our different races, including the Malay community, are rich in heritage and cultural treasures. A strong grasp of language is the foundation that empowers people to explore their cultural assets.” – Education Minister Heng

A new mobile app – Pintar Kata, created by the Malay Language Centre of Singapore was launched by Education Minister Heng Swee Kea at the annual Malay Language Seminar. Four hundred educators attended the one-day event to discuss and share the best practices in teaching Malay. Ten schools also presented their Malay-language teaching and resources.
Pintar Kata means “smart in vocabulary” in Malay. This app aims to improve users’ vocabulary by getting them to look for Malay word in a grid letters. With this app, the students can now learn Malay words while having fun. Good news is that it is a free mobile gaming app. This can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Elyani Mohamed, a Secondary school teacher, said that her two children enjoyed using the app. According to her, the user-friendly interface with the graphics and music is “catchy and inviting”. “Children nowadays like technology, and the app allows them to learn their mother tongue in a fun way,” she added.*
Nowadays, technology correlates with fun for the young generation. This is an opportunity for the educators to use technology in their learning method. Our education system is known for its initiative in integrating information and communications technology in learning. With this new app, students will be able to have fun while learning.
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Furthermore, ACP also believes with the ability of the students. We know that with proper training, they can develop their ICT skills. For instance, they can also create their own mobile app that is socially relevant and helpful. As one of the authorised training providers of IDA’s learning roadmap, ACP offers Mobile App Developer course that aims to enhance their students’ ability to develop mobile apps that can serve their school, parents or even the community. Know more about our courses here.

 *Source: www.asiaone.com