Although the web has been known to be of use for receiving information, many advances in software have enabled us to make use of the web in different ways. I-Learning, E-Training and E-Learning are just some examples to this evolution of online learning. Back in those days when it came to learning, there was only one provider of information with rigid schedules that had to be followed for the class to take place. However with the rise of modern technology and its advances, the learning curriculum can now be customized in accordance to the convenience of each student.
Online LearningThe new setup of online interactivity benefits students in a way they need not have lessons as a whole with the class instead lessons that suit to their timing and need. The educator would also be able to provide additional learning tools and guides to students that encounter difficulty in following the lessons. Comparing to a normal classroom setting, educators would not be able to reach out to those students that require extra coaching as it would hinder the rest of the class which is why online learning has many benefits to it.
By means of both online learning and online training, communication is also greatly enhanced in cases where some students hesitate clearing their doubts by not seeking help from their educator with fear of peer pressure from their surroundings as compared to lessons online where a personal message could be send to their educator regarding any obstacle they should face during their online training process. Online classes also present students the opportunity with continuous learning despite certain circumstances where students are ill unable to attend life classes.
Online Training
Teachers can also easily track their students’ progress since the system is interconnected with each other. They would also be able to render help to students with difficulty at the convenience and comfort of their desired location.
Teachers can also easily search for data and statistics with regards to their students’ performance in order to provide the relevant action of providing aid to their learning. The updating of attendance and checking of papers can also be done by automation which in turn saves time and cost for teachers.
Whether you deem it to be M-Training, online training or I-Training, online learning has made teaching and receiving information easy and fuss free which thus allows both students and teachers to better themselves.
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